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The Town of Rockglen is working diligently to communicate with and involve our citizens. Care is being taken to recognize the demand for open and two-way communication and to keep citizens informed of the status of projects. This is why we have developed the Get Involved! portion of the website. It is designed to keep you informed of projects needing community input, as well as updates on ongoing projects and notes on projects that are completed.

The Town of Rockglen and RM #12, along with the other 7 municipalities of the South Sask Ready group, each received $30,000 to help businesses enhances esthetics to promote their businesses. This funding was received from Western Diversification and is being managed by the Town of Rockglen and RM.

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The Town of Rockglen is excited to announce the Rockglen Water and Sewer Infrastructure project! $2.14 million in funding has been secured to support the renewal of our downtown over […]

With our 26% share goal reached, and an announcement of approval from the federal government we were so very excited to begin our project. The Community Rinks board members set out and gathered tenders and quotes needed, such as a company to purchase the unit from, and to install it, electricians, welders, carpenters, and painters.