Notice to the Ratepayers and Residents of R.M. of Poplar Valley No. 12


The Construction Codes Act (the CC Act) came into force on January 1, 2022, and replaced The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act as the legislation which governs construction standards in Saskatchewan.

Building owners are responsible for compliance with the CC Act. The Municipality is responsible for administration and enforcement.

Construction Standards only apply to NEW construction for farm residences or residences with a residential occupancy (i.e. sleeping quarters). Any construction started before January 1, 2022 is exempt under the old regulations.

The municipality can add the costs of administrating and enforcing the CC Act to an owner’s property taxes.

R.M. 12 has implemented Bylaw 1-22 A Bylaw to Establish fees for Building Permits and for the Planning and Development Service and Bylaw 2-22 A Bylaw Respecting Buildings. Both these Bylaws can be found on the R.M.’s website or by requesting a digital copy from the R.M. office.

The R.M. requests a Building Permit fee of $5O.0O.

Dan Knutson, from Swift Current has been appointed as the R.M.’s Licensed Building Official. Dan shall provide building inspection services to the RM of Poplar Valley No. 12 and shall ensure that all aspects of the provision of building inspection services are delivered and supplied at an optimum level.

An Application for Building Permit Form can be picked up at the R.M. office and no construction may commence prior to signing and paying for the Building Permit.

This is new to the R.M. and the council and administration thanks you for your patience and understanding in this transition.