Rockglen Community Rinks Ice Plant Project

Back in May of 2020 the Rockglen Community Rinks and the Town of Rockglen applied for a Investing in Canada infrastructure program grant for funding for a new artificial ice plant. We had known the rink desperately needed a new ice plant for many years, as the old ice plant was coming near its life span of 40 years. It had gone many years of replacing Freon, fixing leaks, fixing every component on the unit. Also the new laws were discontinuing the Freon that our unit used of the R22, we needed to find an alternative. The many repairs through out the last few years would cost the Rink a lot of money, also to add to the expense was the power consumption the old unit used monthly, because the unit was running harder and longer than should be. On average the power bill would be $4000-$5000 per month! So we new it was time to start doing some research. So even though the old ice plant had served the community well for 40 years, it was time to start searching and doing research on what would fit our community rink. The Rink board made some calls, gathered up all the information required that we needed to decide what we could purchase had we received funding. We knew the government funding was needed as a new unit could cost anywhere between $280,000 and $400,000 dollars.

With the threat of the new unit giving out at anytime, we applied for the funding through ICIP which is a Federal and Provincial grant through the community, culture and recreation stream. We crossed our fingers and began fundraising to help gather the funds needed to support our share of the grant which was 26% of the total project cost of $440,000. The rest of the 74% funding would come from Government of Saskatchewan and the Federal Government of Canada. We sought out a fundraising committee just for this project. Sarah Kirby, April Ellis, Megan Prefontaine, Lacey Zopf, Alanna Prefontaine, and Haley Clark. We got together to come up with ideas for fundraising, we put together a 10 page proposal to give to business for sponsorships to help us. We also delivered the proposal to the Town of Rockglen, RM#12 of Poplar Valley, RM#43 Of Old Post, and RM #42 of Willow Bunch to help us in our search for donations to reach our goal of $117,000. With our proposal delivered we in return received positive feedback from our Town and local RM’s with there generous donations, RM #12 Poplar Valley donated $50,000, Town of Rockglen donated d $50,000, RM #42 of Willow Bunch donated $15,000. We also had done a square raffle with all the prizes donated by RRFC. From that raffle we raised $14,219.28. Personal donations also started coming in with a total of $4954.15. We than received a donation from Richardson Pioneer for a total of $50,000 for naming rights to the Curling Rink Ice Arena. Followed by a donation of $50,000 from our local Rockglen/Killdeer Credit union who also received naming rights to our Skating Arena! Coal miners Trust donated $3000, Big Sky Agency donated $5000 For a grand total of $240,6673.41!!!!

With our 26% share goal reached, and an announcement of approval from the federal government we were so very excited to begin our project. The Community Rinks board members set out and gathered tenders and quotes needed, such as a company to purchase the unit from, and to install it, electricians, welders, carpenters, and painters.

Based on many quotes from contractors, Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration was hired to remove and install the artificial ice plants. We purchased a new 70TR Ammonia Refrigeration System that would run both the skating ice plant and the curling ice. This unit was more energy efficient, saving us in power bills, also easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

Other trades included, Haywire electric for all the electrical upgrades needed, Jeff Christopherson who welded the condenser stand, Gibs Construction and Chad Malechewski for carpentry work, Sasktel wired in an emergency call out line and WIFI for the unit panel board. Saskpower rerouted the 3phase power lines. Alana Prefontaine painted the interior of plant room and inside the room in the rink where the lines run through to the curling side. Kaylie Ellis, Kyle Ellis and Jesse Kwasnicki have donated there time to maintain the ice plant with there engineering tickets.

The project was completed on December 15, 2021

The Town of Rockglen and The Rockglen Community Rinks board would like to thank everyone who donated there time and money towards our project. The rink will now be around for many more generations to come because of the great community support we have received!